On Glorying Only In The Cross Of Our Lord Jesus Christ – By John Calvin

I found this great message by John Calvin at Monergism. These are very sober words by Calvin. It begins,

“We saw earlier that Paul condemned those whose only desire was to sit on the fence in order to please the world, and escape persecution. For this had caused them to twist the gospel, and we see numerous examples of this today. Having seen that pure doctrine and the truth of God are unacceptable to the world, but that wicked men are incensed against it, these people, I say, seek to find some way to avoid creating bad feeling and incurring hatred. This being so, if we today were to interview people with at least some good sense, we would scarcely find one in a hundred of them who would admit that there were errors in the Papacy. Most would say that we ought not to force them to abandon everything and that it would be enough if they were to get rid of some of their more unreasonable and absurd superstitions, even if they continued to nurture many other corruptions. Why? Because, as we have said, they desire to be esteemed”….continue reading (link here)

As Braveheart said: “Just Be Yourselves.”

In this article, “An Unmessianic Sense of Non-Destiny”, Carl Trueman (Academic Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) gives needed encouragement tinged with a bit of admonition, as well. This resonates in my heart. It will resonate with many, I believe. (link to article here)

Is The Reformation Over? – A Radio Interview With R.C. Sproul

On his program, Generations Radio, Kevin Swanson interviews R.C. Sproul on issues such as the renewal of interest in Reformed Theology (Calvinism) in America and abroad. Dr. Sproul gives some great insight on why we cannot unite with those who proclaim a false gospel. Sproul refers to Rome in this interview, but also, and this is what I highly respect about R.C., he is not afraid to take on Liberal Protestantism. The link to the interview can be found (here)

Clothed In Christ’s Righteousness! – Quote Of The Day – 28 April 2010

A beautiful quote by Martin Luther,

It is impossible for a man to be a Christian without having Christ, and if he has Christ, he has at the same time all that is in Christ. What gives peace to the conscience is that by faith our sins are no more ours, but Christ’s, upon whom God hath laid them all; and that, on the other hand, all Christ’s righteousness is ours, to whom God hath given it. Christ lays His hand upon us, and we are healed. He casts His mantle upon us, and we are clothed; for He is the glorious Savior, blessed for ever. (Cited in John MacArthur, The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Romans 1-8; [Chicago, Illinois.: Moody Press, 1991], p.402)

The Sufficiency Of Christ! – Quote Of The Day – 27 April 2010

Todays quote comes from the blog of my friend, Wes Bredenhof. This thrilling quote by John Calvin demonstrates that Christ is sufficient for all that we as believers need. Link to quote (here)

Luther The Calvinist Or Calvin The Lutheran – Luther’s Brilliance Against Erasmus

When Martin Luther wrote his famous polemic, De Servo Arbitrio known to us as The Bondage of the Will. Luther keyed in on a characteristic of Erasmus that some may overlook. Luther’s chief complaint, of course, was the doctrine of his opponent’s book, De Libero Arbitrio or On Free Will. Luther, in his opposition towards Erasmus, simply affirmed Scriptural teaching regarding man’s “will”. Man is spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:1-3), and therefore his will is imprisoned and can only choose that which is wicked. People who are dead in sin may do things that seem good in our sight – even noble, but are wicked in God’s sight, as they are done from a heart that is impure and evil. (Genesis 6:5;Jeremiah 13:23;Job 14:4;Psalms 58:3;Isaiah 64:6) Basically, Luther was giving Erasmus an introductory course on the Scriptural truth of total depravity.

Something often overlooked, though, is Luther’s complaint against Erasmus himself. Against Erasmus the man. Luther saw him as a coward! He wanted to make lofty claims and assertions, while at the same time denying the concept of assertions. Erasmus, like all false teachers, was being slippery. He wanted confusion. Luther saw this for what it was. It was the sophistry of pagan philosophy. One of Luther’s most famous quotes against Erasmus reads,

“Leave us free to make assertions, and to find in assertions our satisfaction and delight; and you may applaud your Skeptics and Academics…The Holy Spirit is no Skeptic, and the things He has written in our hearts are not doubts or opinions, but assertions – surer and more certain than sense and life itself.” pg. 70

Erasmus’ attitude was patronizing and arrogant. He thought that a discussion concerning man’s will was unnecessary. That such a discussion is not relevant to the needs of Christians. Luther throughout demolishes that line of thinking.

This book is a “must read.” This is powerful ammunition against the postmodernism of our age that denies the concept of truth altogether! Luther is scorching in his critique of Erasmus’s teaching. (teaching that would later morph into what we know as Arminianism.) Though he is scorching, his argumentation is brilliant, and rooted firmly in Scripture.
by: Eric

Do We Really Believe In The Sufficiency Of Scripture?

This is a great article (link here) from the Irish Calvinist blog. Asking the “why” questions about fads in the church…..better worded – heresy – of the Emergent Church. The writer then marvelous, and yet simple remedy to fads, and the sure path that leads away from seeker-sensitive/emergent/ nonsense. I am writing an article, which should be up later this evening (D.v.), on N.T. Wright’s NPP or New Perspective on Paul

We must stand firm that Scripture is sufficient! That truth is not continually changing. That fads and innovations are just that. Revealed truth is as old as Scripture, and we must take our stand with God’s Word. Regarding our progressive sanctification, as believers, Christ made it clear in His High Priestly Prayer, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” (John 17:17)

“Perfectionism Is A Heresy” – Quote Of The Day

“Perfectionism is a heresy. It is important to maintain the Reformational understanding of Rom. 7 that sees the tension of sin and grace continuing in the life of the regenerate. We face a clear choice: If our works are imperfect and incomplete, all meritoriousness of our works disappears. This is the Reformation’s answer to Rome.”

This is from the Editor’s introduction to Chapter 4 – Sanctification and Perseverance in Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics -Volume 4 -Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation pg. 231

A Short Video By John MacArthur on Hands For Hope Adoption Ministry

In a brief video (here) John MacArthur speaks on the joy and blessings of Christian adoption, and some great anecdotes of his past work as an intermediary. The Lord has blessed me and my wife with two wonderful children, and we have not adopted any children………..yet……we never know what the Lord has planned for our lives. However, Hands For Hope , which is a ministry of Grace Community Church , is speaking to a need that the church has maybe forgotten. So I have placed their “logo banner” on my blog sidebar which redirects to their organization.

Ligonier’s Vast Online Audio And Video Teaching Series

Ligonier Ministries has given to the body of Christ a great resource. Offering online a large amount of video and audio teaching series by R.C. Sproul, free of charge. Yesterday, I posted R.C. Sproul’s Chosen By God series, yet there is much more treasure at the Ligonier page. There is a 12 part video series by Dr. Sproul, What Is Reformed Theology, the six part video series, The Holiness of God, What is the Gospel, and more…and more…I would draw your attention, and this is great for listening with your children, they have an audio reading of one of R.C’s children’s books, The Priest with Dirty Clothes. Using your mouse to click (link here). This takes you to the free teaching series section.

Chosen By God ~ R.C. Sproul’s Lectures On Reformed Theology

I would encourage watching this free online video series (link here) by R.C. Sproul. B.B. Warfield, the late Professor of Didactic and Polemical Theology at “Old” Princeton seminary from 1887 to 1921, stated that the evangelical faith rises or falls with Calvinism. Understanding the radical depravity of man, and the absolute sovereignty of God, is the key that unlocks all of Scripture.

When The Study Of Theology Loses Sight Of Christ

Dr. Carl Trueman (Academic Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) writes a brilliant essay which, of particular benefit for academic theologians, benefits all who study Scripture in a serious, non-superficial way. Serious study of our Lord’s Word, though, is every Christians duty. This essay, written for Themelios: An International Journal for Pastors and Students of Theological and Religious Studies, titled “The Importance of Not Studying Theology” (link here) is a gem. Whatever issues one has had with some of Dr. Trueman’s past essays, and there have been several for me, I highly encourage reading this one. My respect for Dr. Trueman has risen…..incidentally he and I both enjoy Chess.

Long-Awaited Biography On Herman Bavinck….Soon To Be Released!

Dr. Ron Gleason’s biography of the late Dutch theologian, Herman Bavinck, will be released shortly. This all-encompassing biography will fill a space. One that will be greeted with enthusiasm by those – like myself – within the Reformed faith. What a wonderful gift to the Church from a man who has spent his life studying Herman Bavinck, and Bavinck’s fresh approach to Reformed theology. An approach of vigorous scholarship, warm piety, and an all-encompassing “worldview.” A “worldview”, (from the German – Weltanschauung) or “life-system” as Abraham Kuyper termed it, that was stridently Calvinistic – engaging Christians in all arenas of existence. Pressing Christianity into arts, music, politics, and science. A view of the world and the Church Bavinck learned, no doubt, from his friend and mentor the aforementioned Abraham Kuyper, whose life-system is summed up by his famous phrase,

“In the total expanse of human life there is not a single square inch of which the Christ, who alone is sovereign, does not declare, ‘That is mine!’”

I highlight this concept of a “Christian worldview”, due to its relevance, but if you read Bavinck’s, Reformed Dogmatics in 4 Volumes, you will see that he really excelled above all in his understanding of Scripture.

Michael Dewalt has written an excellent article on this upcoming biography at Heritage Booktalk (link here)

Slippery As Eels by Bud Powell

This is a short but excellent note that my friend Mr. Bud Powell, Academic Dean and Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at New Geneva Theological Seminary, gave me permission to repost. This is succinct, yet exhaustive in addressing the more common and always flimsy logical fallacies of those who teach destructive heresies. Bravo to my Mr. Bud Powell, who I consider an esteemed and learned father in the faith!

The three most common devices of heretics, in order to turn the discussion against their opponents are some form of this:

1. They claim to be misunderstood. This is easy because they use words deceptively and, when called, profess another meaning. The animal keeps changing.
2. They accuse you of arrogance: you are a “know it all” and prideful.
3. They accuse you of not having compassion, of being harsh and unloving. They are not loving when they say this. They know they were caught and pretend otherwise. They would make the argument turn on emotion.

Truth has nothing to do with the inner state of the one who speaks the truth. Neither does a lie become the truth even when spoken “lovingly and tenderly.”

The pagans did not burn Christians because they disagreed with them. They burned Christians because Christians claimed to be right about Jesus being the Son of God and the only way to Heaven.

Protestant Iconoclasm and Art Appreciation by R. Andrew Myers

My dear friend R. Andrew Myers discusses the Reformed view (link here) on the Second Commandment on setting up or creating images – painting – or otherwise. I discussed this very thing earlier today with a friend. Andrew, whose blog is a treasure-house of Church history and historical theology, articulates better than I, what I was trying to convey. Thanks, brother, for another gem of Church history.

Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners Part I and II

This is a two-part story that my good friend Wes Bredenhof posted at his blog My title is different from Wes’ original. Not that I didn’t like his. Mine is simply in honor of the late John Bunyan. Who wrote a soul-stirring account of his life entitled, Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. The link to part I of this true account is (here) and Part II is (here).